Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New 4-Storey Hotel @ Tiong Bahru

The artist’s impression of the new 4-storey hotel is out!

And this "yet to be named hotel" will be ready in June 2009.

That's just a year away.

Scrutinise the picture closely and you would have noticed a “lap” pool on the facade!

Wow, that would be Tiong Bahru Estate’s 1st swimming pool!

There are some questions I have in my mind right now.

Where will the drop off point be located?

Will the taxis or mini buses stop indiscriminately along Tiong Bahru Road?

And are there any parking facilities within this hotel?

There seems to be an opening at the sides of the building.

I hope that is the entrance into the hotel’s car park.

We welcome all visitors but we do not condone indiscriminate parking at the resident’s expense!

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