Thursday, June 5, 2008

More pictures of the New 4-Storey Hotel

I was surfing the NET and I accidentally stumbled upon these pictures which may interest all of us here at Tiong Bahru.

This may be how the new hotel at the junction of Tiong Bahru Road and Seng Poh Road may eventually look like.

Notice there is no swimming pool in the facade of the hotel in these pictures.

I suspect this could be the initial proposed design from the architect.

The infinity pool was probably an after-thought.

I’m glad they put the fish tank in.

So instead of watching birds at the birdless corner, we can now gawk at people swimming at the new Van Kleef aquarium!

I hope the name, Hotel Nostalgia, is just a project name and not the FINAL name


Anonymous said...

There is no syngery to the rich and colourful history of Tiong Bahru. They have the perfect opportunity to develop a unique design concept and not another me too generic hotel.

Anonymous said...

i wonder how you manage to get this photos, which is a private property of the company, and come up with such a criticism. Are you truly inlove with the old tiong bahru and cannot moved on with the modern time AY? people change, trend & style change,... theirs different between fishtank and aquarium, as animal and human were not same, critic... its time to move on.

SGalf said...

It is always funny to respond to an Anonymous opinion.

The purpose of this post was to let everyone in Tiong Bahru know what's happening here.

I wonder in which part of this post did I criticized the hotel.

Unless you are referring to the post by another “anonymous” who says this hotel lacks synergy with the rest of Tiong Bahru.

It is just an opinion which everyone is entitled to.

The hotel owners tried their best to fuse together what is modern and old together and we look forward to the opening of the hotel.

By the way, I found those pictures on an agent’s website and it was clear the owner of the hotel was trying to offload this work in progress hotel.

Mr or Ms Anonymous, there are people who live in Tiong Bahru who cares enough to find out what is happening in and around Tiong Bahru and I’m just trying to provide as much information as possible.

There are others who are doing the same as well.

We love our estate and would like to contribute positively to this community.

If we cannot even share such information, then we merely exist in Tiong Bahru, not living passionately in it.