Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Art of Being Laid Back.

Just Read this article: How to Be Laid Back

I never knew we need to learn about this.

Doesn’t this come naturally to everyone?

It is funny that we now have a website to teach people how to be laid back.

Perhaps we live in a fast paced society that being labelled “LAID BACK” is not exactly a compliment.....unless you have made it BIG time.....financially and thus has earned the bragging rights to this label.

Anyway, the reason why I’m discussing this topic is that many visitors to the Tiong Bahru Estate have always used this term to describe this place, A Laid Back Place......

Perhaps people here walk in an unhurried manner.

Or maybe it is our dressing.

A Tee-Shirt and shorts attire would suffice.

If you are super comfortable with yourself and not bothered about what others think of you, you can even walk to the market in your pyjamas.

Or perhaps these visitors are constantly bumping into these “LAID BACK” folks in Tiong Bahru.

Spotted between Block 19 & 21 Lim Liak Street

Spotted at Seng Poh Garden

Spotted outside Tiong Bahru Market

These are truly laid back people and I envy them for the peace and serenity they possess in them....or that’s what I would like to think.....positively.

Most people would think they are just dead tired and needed a convenient place for some shut eyes before they go back to the grind.

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