Saturday, May 17, 2008

See Eng Wat

Within the Tiong Bahru Estate, there is a street where there are no parking lots for non-Tiong Bahru residents.

All the parking lots are painted red there. (Red coloured lots are meant for residents with a valid parking label)

This has perhaps made that street a little more "exclusive" as it seems like there are more parking lots available here than the residents who drives.

Here's the history bit :

Eng Watt Street is named after See Eng Wat, a Malacca-born merchant.

A native of Zhangpu, Fujian, he was the second son of Si Hoo Keh.

He founded Eng Wat, Moh Guan & Bros Co in 1859 with ships plying between Singapore and Xiamen.

He was a Chinese pioneer in shipping line.

He was also one of the founders of a Chinese free school known as Chui Eng Si E in Amoy Street.

A Fujian community leader, he died in 1884.

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Debbie Kay said...

haha I like that it's no parking for non-residents... yay!