Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Window Restoration in Progress

I was having a chat with this guy from China yesterday.

Even though I was having trouble understanding his heavily accent Mandarin, I understood he was complaining about why this owner would not just replace the windows.

He kept saying the windows are old and it is dangerous to keep them as they risk falling off. He kept mumbling that it would be better to just change all of them.

Maybe he was trying to frighten the owners into changing the windows so that he need not spend so much time "processing" the windows.

From what he described to me, it does indeed sounded very time consuming. But then again, restoration work is never a breeze right?

Chipping away all the old putty that held the window panes to the frame

At the same time, he cannot damage the green window panes as I think these are irreplaceable. His boss has been scouting around for the glass but he just cannot find them.

After he takes out all the glass, he has to sandpaper the entire frame before rust-proofing it. Some of the window hinges are already quite badly damaged. This guy has to weld the hinges back.

I'm glad this home owner took the pain to restore the windows and not take the easy way out by replacing them.

Here're some tips on restoring and preserving old windows:

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