Saturday, April 12, 2008

Almost Unchanged

Check this out!

If you are around the Tiong Bahru Estate, walk over to Block 37 Lim Liak Street to look at stack 45 & 47. These two stacks (or columns) have remained almost unchanged all these years.

It seems that no one has moved out before. (Just look at the ORIGINAL WINDOWS!) Even if the units did changed hands, the current occupants did not do much renovation to the units.

MediaCorp, if you need an authentic 1950’s backdrop, this place would be the one!

Better hurry before someone decided to renovate and you would have lost the opportunity FOREVER.

Here are some more past and present photos to ignite some nostalgia:

Block 37 Lim Liak Street in the 2008

Block 37 Lim Liak Street in the 1950s
Collection of Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts,
Courtesy of National Archives of Singapore


SGalf said...

If you look closely at the old pictures (Click to enlarge) and zoom in onto the blocks of flats behind, you can see the chimney system in the open kitchen.

Tiong Bahru Gal said...

goodness.... the flats look so... NEW in the 1950s shot!!!

i sure wonder who's lived in my unit before. or maybe better not to know hehe.