Monday, April 28, 2008

Alexandra Brick Wall

Spotted this UNCOVERED wall of Alexandra bricks in the Tiong Bahru Estate on Saturday.

Heritage Revealed

The owner was grumbling that it cost him a lot more money and time to hack away the plaster.

It would have been cheaper to just put in some new bricks.

He ended off the conversation by saying that it was a labour of love.

I’m glad this owner took the time to uncover this home’s heritage.

If he had replaced the bricks, the wall wouldn’t be called the Alexandra Brick wall anymore.

Alexandra Brick Wall exposed!!!!

It could have become the Jurong Brick wall instead. Haha.

Saw this brick beneath a washing machine. It was used to raise the washing machine up so that the base will not get wet when the owner washed the kitchen floors.


peter said...

Those Alexandra bricks came from the post-war SIT flats or the pre-war SIT flats?

KnightMeh said...

Hi Peter,

I found those bricks from the Pre-War flats.

I actually curious to find out if the post war flats has these Alexandra bricks as well.

Will share my discovery with everyone here.

sgkopi said...

Was exploring Chinese Cemetery last week. Some of the graves were lined with Alexandra brick. Must be a premium brand name at its hey days.