Thursday, December 6, 2007

Notice to a mysterious Cat Thrower in Tiong Bahru

Look what I saw today!

I was slotting my flyers into the letterboxes around the Post War flats within the Tiong Bahru Estate when I chanced upon this hilarious notice.

I think this is one very misunderstood cat owner.

They may have a cat but it doesn't mean that they are ready to adopt just about any other cats.

I think whoever has been leaving kittens there must have assumed that this is a home of cat lovers.

The cat food and water......not to mention a very cosy cardboard bed lined with soft fabric are placed just outside the home.

So the "cat thrower" may have mistakenly thought that the owners would be elated with more and more kittens.

The owners must have been so cheesed off that they took the trouble to put up this notice.

Thank you Mr and Mrs One Cat Is Enough For Us, your notice certainly brighten up an otherwise gloomy and cloudy day.

I would have done the "notice" this way

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