Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Old School Health Service & School Dental Service Building

Now that DDB Worldwide Pte Ltd has moved out of the former School Health Service & School Dental Service at 226 Outram Road, I wonder what will become of this building.

It was a building of "terror" for me when I was growing up coz that was the place I had my teeth checked as well as got my BCG jab when I was 12!

There was once I even got trapped in their elevator with my grandma for about 30 minutes before someone pried open the doors to let us climb out of it.

Hope I still have a chance to wander inside the building again.


Charis said...

if you get a chance to go in, plse let me know - am also interested to see how is it like now.

Coriander said...

Little Skool House moving in June 2014.