Monday, October 25, 2010

Appeal for Eye Witness : Hit and Run

This a similar looking car which was hit

A grey Volkswagon Polo was rear ended while parked overnight along Seng Poh Road (towards the direction of Tiong Bahru Road) between 14-15th October 2010.

The car owner suspects a low profiled car is likely to have hit his car as the damage crumples upward, meaning the offending car went under the rear.

The impact was so great that the axle broke. (That means this idiot was driving at a break neck speed and someone could have been killed!)

If you have witnessed the accident, please let us have the information so that we pass it to the police.

The poor VW owner will be carless for the next 2 months because of some cowardly reckless driver.....and that driver is still on the road!

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