Saturday, January 30, 2010

Can we afford to lose more of these buildings?

This building once stood next to Block 28 Tiong Bahru Road (The one with a Post Office). It was demolished a long time ago.

Can we afford to sacrifice more of such buildings in Tiong Bahru?

Are the Tiong Bahru Post War S.I.T. flats worth conserving or should they bow out and make way for modern skyscrapers?

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wmyeo said...

This photo has brought back a tsunami of memories for me.

For a kid who grew up in this area in the 80s, the school bus used to drop me here from school everyday. Right at the other curved corner of this building was this Indian "mama" shop that sells everything from KaKa crackers to Bubblegums(they were legal then) to "Doraemon" comics to styrofoam planes and even stationeries. I even bought my first Pilot Shaker mechanical pencil from there! This is where a huge part of my meagre allowance(officially at 50cents from pop/mom, but usually more, 'under table' gift from grandpa) disappeared to.

Right in the centre of the same building was this coffeeshop that serves some really good wonton and shredded chicken noodles, black sauce style. 2 stalls to the right of this coffeeshop is another bookshop where I buy my badminton shuttlecocks from; there was a badminton court behind this building along the big canal. The big canal is still there today. If I am not mistaken, this bookshop is visible on the photo, the shop slightly to the left with the white signboard.

The shop at the curved corner of this photo sells furniture, and reeks strongly of varnish each time I passed by. To the right of this shop is a chinese barber, followed by another coffeeshop and then another furniture shop. This stretch faces the main Tiong Bahru Road. The 2nd coffeeshop here used to sell chicken congee late into the night. My folks used to take me there for supper.

Although I am still staying along Kim Pong road today, I have clearly forgotten what this currently empty piece of land used to look like. Thanks for jolting back my memories.