Tuesday, October 6, 2009

somebody gonna get a hurt real bad

I saw this lazy brilliant guy loading up stuff into his brand new Honda Freed this afternoon.

Someday, I could see myself swerving my "off-roader" wannabe car on these pedestrian walkways while my kids ride their 2 wheelers alongside me.

But Nah....this is not my grandfather's road.

And no matter how inconvenient it is or it has to be, I will still keep my car on the road when I load or unload stuff unto my car.

Doing otherwise and "somebody gonna get a hurt real bad"

By the way, this driver did a 3 point turn and drove out into Lim Liak Street.

And a town council guy who happened to be walking over from block 35 to block 37 looked very puzzled when the vehicle drove past him. 

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