Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Take action against clutter at Tiong Bahru wet market

The Straits Times
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Aug 4, 2009

I WOULD like to complain against the National Environment Agency's (NEA) management of the Tiong Bahru wet market.

From December last year till now, I've made at least half a dozen calls to the hotline to alert them that numerous stallholders are placing goods beyond the two-tile boundary.

Each time, the response was they would look into it, but nothing has changed.

Two months ago, I escorted two NEA officers around to show them the many stallholders who were placing goods beyond the third and sometimes fourth tile.

They are a threat to fire safety and hinder ease of movement for passers-by.

The NEA officers promised to take action, but nothing has happened so far.

When I called NEA again last month, the officer said that they had "issued notices" to stallholders advising them to comply with the rules.

Who is responsible for enforcing compliance?

I hope the NEA is not waiting for another fire to happen before taking steps.

Doris Cheng (Ms)

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