Thursday, June 4, 2009


I was walking over to my in law’s place after my jog last night when I realised an old man was peeing right in front of me along the footpath at Moh Guan Terrace.

He has no regards for people around him and was standing in the open doing his thing.

I walked straight at him and asked him in a very rude manner.


“Please lah!”

“How could you do this here?!”

“Can’t you find a proper place to do it?!”

I think the man was kinda surprised that I ticked him off.

With a very humble and apologetic voice, that old man said these:


“I did not mean to do it here”

“ I cannot control myself already”

From the way he said it, I immediately understood what was going on and I regretted speaking to him in a harsh manner.

Though I see no reason to apologise, I really felt bad ticking him off.

That old uncle could be suffering from
urinary incontinence and I just made him feel worse.

I will try to be more sensitive towards others in well as where I stepped on.


Taoism said...

haha, too funny. Took a lot of guts to approach the guy. Good for you even though the outcome was not what you had expected.

When I first saw the blog without reading, I thought you were blogging about them putting that ugly statue in Tiong Bahru Estate.

Anonymous said...

He's been doing it all the time around 7pm-9pm so you were right to tick him off.

I believe its because he hangs out at the bench area and too lazy to do it at his home. (footpath towards Moh Guan Terrace)