Sunday, December 7, 2008

"Mocked" Up

After 2 days of "teasing", it now appears that the repainting exercise has not started after all!

Block 50 Moh Guan Terrace has been chosen to showcase the actual colours of Scheme A and Scheme B for the Post War section while Block 72 and Block 77 Seng Poh Road has the honour of showcasing the Pre-War proposed colours.

Based on the posters we had viewed at the Community Centre, I don't recall seeing bright yellow columns for the post war flats. I always thought the columns were orange right?

Being the impatient sort, I called Chris, a fellow resident, to confirm if the columns should be yellow or orange.

Chris said it should be orange and the town council had probably got the colours wrong.

He also added that the peach tone for the Pre-War Section is wrong.

Ok Ok, Wrong shade of peach, I can still accept. But Yellow and Orange is definitely a NO NO!

Since I was in between my viewing appointment today and my customer was late, I whipped out my handphone to serve this blog to check if it was indeed yellow.

Too bad I cannot determine anything at that time as the screen on my phone was too small for me to ascertain if the columns were supposed to be yellow or orange.

When I finally got back home about 1 hour ago and could at last get into my computer, I can see clearly that orange is supposed to be the colour for the Post War Scheme B......unless I am colour blind and am unaware of it.

So what happened? This is just a MOCKED UP and already someone has to replace the letter M with a C.

Let’s hope the M gets back into position over the next few days...otherwise why bother to do this in the first place?

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