Friday, September 26, 2008

This Morning

6:24am :
Awaken by the sound of thunder and sprang out from my bed to close all my windows.
It was raining so heavily and the sound of thunder was at times annoying and at times 'humbling" (I've got this irrational fear of the sound of thunder ONLY when I'm half awake)

7:33am :
Finally dragged myself out from my bed to ready myself so that my part time home cleaner who is coming at 8am will not get to see me in my 'pyjamas'.

7:41am :
One of my tenant in Tiong Bahru SMS me to tell me his home is flooded as water is seeping out through his windows. Not sure what was the problem but gotta get the window contractor to check if the window seal is broken or something else.

Open my door to get my daily news fix and found this!

(My neighbour's newspaper)

My unread papers (Soaking Wet)

Blogging about my rather eventful morning.

So how was your morning today?


kelvin said...

the rain was AMAZING! I think there was a tiny weeny flood in the drains....

SGalf said...

also reported about the flash flood around the Tiong Bahru area. But the pictures looks more like the Redhill Area.

Here's the link to the article :

Wet Wet Wet Singapore

And the Pix :

Flash Flood Across Singapore

FunkFool said...

Rain was seeping in through the airwell walls and window frame, leaving a big puddle in the front bedroom and a smaller one in the living room. Have to get the contractor back to waterproof the walls!

SGalf said...

I think those at the ground floor were rather jittery that morning.

I know of at least one resident who has to get the plumber in to unclot the drains so that water could flow out of the courtyard.

Fortunately nothing inside was damaged.

I think HDB should just "legalise" the courtyard roofs so that every one of these roof will be well designed to ensure that water flows where it should flow....efficiently.

Some of those roofs are in such a sorry state and you can even see the rotting leaves in the gutters.