Sunday, August 3, 2008

What a TREAT!

What I treat I had when I was conducting a viewing yesterday evening.

I think my home buyers were pleased too!

We were standing at the balcony of this home which I am currently marketing when were heard the sound of helicopters.

Lo and behold, we saw a huge Singapore flag being dragged through the sky by a helicopter.

Too bad we couldn’t spend another 2 hours in this home; otherwise we would have a clear view of the Black Knight’s aerial display and the mesmerising fireworks.

Bet you never knew you could actually see the whole National Day thingy from a low rise estate such as Tiong Bahru.

This particular unit is unique because it overlooks the rest of the Tiong Bahru Pre-War estate since most of those units are about 3 storeys tall at the most.

The unit we were at was the signature block of the Tiong Bahru Estate as some columns of this block is 5 storeys tall.

So anything on the 4th and 5th storey would offer the home owners a fabulous view or the city and the occasional fireworks display treats.

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