Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Singapore Song

We will be 43 years old in a few days' time.

And everyone is busy making their own plans on how to spend that holiday.

National day has different significance to every one of us.

I guess those that braved through those pre-independence day will find this day especially meaningful while people like me will always seems to take what we have now for granted.

We will probably treat this day as just another day to take a break and some might even take the opportunity to scoot off for a short holiday.

Mr Rony Tan of
Lighthouse Evangelism does it a little differently.

He wrote a song to celebrate our independence. Though the song sounded like a hymn, I’m still touched by his effort in putting this video together.

And I’m amazed that he is able to find so many old footages of Singapore.

For those who do not like old stuff, here's a funnier version by Hossan Leong

And here're the official NDP 2008 versions :



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Marquis_De_Sade said...

Chance upon this MV for Sing Singapore 2003. Large part Tiong Bahru's landscape was employed.