Friday, May 9, 2008


I was so close to the action and yet I missed the best part! Damn.

I parked next to this scene to go and pick up some grubs and coffee.
Thinking that it was some school girls being filmed by Mediacorp, I just went about doing my thing. But since I had a camera with me, I snapped a picture thinking it may come in handy in future.

My action attracted some nasty stare from the crew.
"This guy damn Suaku one ah" they might be thinking......

I actually saw many of them running around in their jogging suits while I was buying the famous Tiong Bahru "Pau".

One reason why I was nonchalant about the filming could be because we are rather fatigued by the constant filming done here that we become desensitized to it.

Just a few days ago, Zoe Tay was filming outside Centre PS. I snapped a picture on my lousy handphone and the crew politely ask me to get lost.

And I saw them again the next day. This time, I asked my wife to snap. But she felt sheepish and haphazardly took a shot from a moving car.

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