Sunday, August 12, 2007


Before the old Tiong Bahru market was demolished to make way for the existing one, no one could missed this neatly dressed fortune teller along Kim Cheng Street.

If you have him for a neighbour, you would have no problem believing that he is a TOWKAY or someone who works in the Shenton Way area just from his dressing and the accessories he carries.

Crisp shirt, trendy pants, and a POWER briefcase. (This is the man who may have inspired all the PORTA-thingy that was to come.)

After opening his briefcase to "touch base" with his bosses, he is ready for business. (Actually he looks like some middle management kinda guy as he is the conduit between the people and his bosses. )

As his office is ALFRESCO inspired, his work hours is quite short too. I think he leaves for home after lunch as he cannot TAHAN the heat from his job. But his bosses never complaint about him skiving on the job. So I supposed they must be quite pleased with his work competence.

I think there was another "fortune" teller along this street and he differentiate himself from the competition with a parrot. That parrot would help pick some divine sticks to predict the client's future.

My grandma used to patronise these folks with the hopes of getting some divine numbers to improve her probability at "CHAP JI KEE". Whenever she "strike", she would share her winning with me by giving me 50 cents. I never had many 50 cents from her.

This would have been the spot where the Porta-Deity consultant would have sat today.

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